What is Italian Ice?

Italian ice, also known as water ice, is a sweetened frozen dessert made with fruit or other natural or artificial food flavorings, similar to sorbet. Italian ice is not shaved ice that is flavored; rather, it is made by the same process by which ice cream is made: freezing the ingredients while mixing them. Italian ice differs from sherbet in that it does not contain dairy or egg ingredients.

Do you have sugar free?

We do not currently offer sugar free products on a daily basis. However, all of our Italian ice is dairy free and fat free. Sugar Free, Gluten free and Low sugar can be special ordered. Ask for details.

What Flavors do you have?

You name it, we probably make it! We have over 40 flavors that we can make. Because we have so many, our flavors change weekly to keep a good balance for all of our customers.

What is D’Lite?

We make a product called D’lite. D’Lite is a mixture of our ‘secret’ custard recipe and all kinds of goodness to make a specialty ice cream. It does have dairy in it unlike our Italian ice. We are continuing to come up with new flavors for our D’Lites. The possibilities are endless!


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What is Nick’s Italian Ice?

Nicks Italian Ice was started in Crossville, TN in the summer of 2009 by Nick and Denise Rogers. The seasonal business thrived in the community during the summers. Nick’s Italian Ice grew to be a favorite Crossville treat. In 2013, the business sold to Curtis and Leslee Phillips. Nick’s continued to serve all of its popular treats but moved to a new location. The new Nick’s Italian Ice has upgraded with features that allow us to stay open year round. We have a drive-thru, a patio deck for warm days and inside seating to keep you out of the sun or cold. The Phillips family continues to offer the same “site made” products, as well as add many new items to the menu. We currently have a full food menu that ranges from soups, Panini’s and hot dogs. A full variety of Italian Ice, signature ice cream, frozen yogurt, milk shakes, custard and much more. In 2016 Nick’s opened a second location just outside of Crossville at beautiful Lake Tansi Beach. A majority of the same products are offered beginning in May thru September of each summer.

Does Nick’s Italian Ice do events?

Yes, we try and participate is most local events. Although we have two shops where we sell many products, we offer many of those at fairs and festivals. Keep in mind that all products are locally made in Crossville, TN at our very own shop. The consistency and quality of our product is very important to us.

Did I see Nick’s at the Movies?

Yes, Nick’s sells wholesale pre-packaged italian ice to various businesses and they offer our products to their customers. Some of these locations include Rocky Top 10 Cinemas, Bounce Partyz Fun Zone, Exxon Happy Sak, Brik House Gym, Fairfield Glade Sportsman Club and Range and more. Where would you like to see Nick’s? Ask to speak with our wholesale manager.